Make plans to unravel knots for science and technology development

Make plans to unravel knots for science and technology development

This is the main content of the conference “Financial Science and Technology for Socio-Economic Development” organized by the Ministry of Finance on 12/5 in HCMC. Ninh Binh.
Much depends on state budget

According to Dr. Nguyen Viet Loi – Director of Institute of Financial Strategy and Policy (Ministry of Finance), science and technology plays an increasingly important role in socio-economic development, especially in the process of industrialization and modernization. and international integration. As a result, the potential of S & T has been continuously increased, investment from the state budget has increased by an average of 16.5% per year, about 2% of total state budget expenditure, contributing to improving quality and increasing labor productivity. ,2 years. For the financial sector, S & T has contributed to the development and improvement of institutions, policies and laws in the financial sector. Specifically, in the field of tax only in the past 5 years in addition to state budget revenues, development of science and technology has contributed to create the basis for planning reform tax administration in the period 2016-2020; To provide the basis for elaborating and promulgating legal documents on tax policies and administration; To propose amendments and / or supplements to legal documents.


Despite many important achievements, experts have not really linked and become a driving force for socio-economic development. The contribution of science and technology to improve labor productivity and competitiveness is not high. The number of patents, scientific works published in prestigious international magazines is not much. The development of science and technology is slow, especially technology transfer, while the management mechanism is slow to innovate, especially investment in science and technology has not really paid much attention. If the Ministry of Planning and Investment pays about 44% of the development investment, part of the non-productive salary paid by the Ministry of Finance, the study will be funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

It is worth mentioning that in developed countries, the majority of funding for investment in science and technology comes from enterprises, the State only spends about 20-30% of funding, in Vietnam the opposite. According to Dr Luong Van Khoi, Deputy Director of the National Center for Socio-economic Information and Forecasting (Ministry of Planning and Investment), in other countries, science and technology has strongly developed due to strong investment from enterprises. Investment of Vietnamese enterprises accounted for 41.8% or US $ 734 million, respectively in China 74.6% and 248.811 million, South Korea 75.7% and 51.501 million, Thai Lan is 48.7% and 1.735 million …

Continue to innovate financially

Asserting science and technology is a top national policy and one of the most important driving force for socio-economic development. By 2020, science and technology in some areas will reach the modern level of ASEAN and the world. In doing so, all delegates said that apart from strengthening national capacity in science and technology along the direction of investing in raising the quality of education, mobilizing non-state human resources for science and technology investment; Leading large-scale enterprises to take the lead in technology acquisition and development to increase global competitiveness and export capacity. In addition, socialization of investment resources for science and technology, attracting investment from businesses, considered this financial resources. According to Dr. Luong Van Khoi, the government needs policies to support enterprises investing in science and technology, including the establishment and effective operation of credit guarantee, SME support fund, connecting domestic enterprises with FDI enterprises. To transfer machinery, equipment and technologies; To establish and put into effective hi-tech parks and complexes of technology; Encourage large corporations and enterprises to join the supporting industry chain.

Along with that, the State must consider investment from sources outside the state budget, especially from the enterprises for science and technology is the main, investment in science and technology must mainly from enterprises. Accordingly, there should be an agency to monitor, synthesize and analyze scientific and technological activities without using state budget to advise the State on breakthrough solutions in attracting investment and development of science and technology. Along with that, it is necessary to renovate strongly and synchronously the management mechanism, especially the financial mechanism. Promote the public service reform issues in science and technology, implement new policy mechanisms and positively impact, remove difficulties in administrative procedures, bring research into real life.

From the point of view of the financial management agency, representatives of the Department of Finance and Public Affairs (Ministry of Finance) will share in the period 2017-2020 to further concretize the guidelines and policies of the Party and the State. Renovating the mechanism of self-reliance of KHCH, apart from adjusting and supplementing regulations, mechanisms and policies, it is necessary to review the number of S & T organizations receiving regular operating funds from the state budget; resolutely transfer to implementing the mechanism of autonomy for conditional science and technology organizations; To step by step allocate funds for regular activities to the mode of State ordering, assigning tasks. At the same time, applied research institutes have a roadmap for reducing recurrent expenditures from the state budget. To continue renewing the mechanism of self-reliance and self-responsibility for the non-business units of science and technology.

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